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for a more secure

Secure IT Solutions

We understand choosing the best provider of IT services for you and your organisation can be a very
difficult task. However, we consider ourselves different from other IT companies by understanding
your business and your future vision so we can work with you to achieve that goal, delivering best of
class IT technologies now & in the future. As a company we are committed to excellent customer service and being your IT partner, we want you to use technology to increase your efficiency, performance & profitability.

IT Support

At some point your business will invariably be faced with a degree of IT downtime; user error, power cuts, hardware fact there are many things that can take a computer, server or network down...the key issue in any business or organisation is getting things back up and running as quickly as possible and with minimum disruption.


IT security has never been as important as it is today, with the increasing need for high-speed network connections, data communication, and remote working within today’s businesses, the number of attack avenues open to malicious or unauthorised users has never been greater.


Mobilising your workforce may not suit all businesses, but chances are, your competitors are already using these technologies, so perhaps it is worth reviewing your own company needs to consider the benefits of mobile computing technologies.

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

At Serverworks we understand that engaging with a support company is a big decision, after all you
are entrusting a fundamental part of your business to ‘strangers’.

At Serverworks we’re passionate
about IT, which is a good job really as it’s what we do day-in-day-out and have done so for over years

3. Hosting & Cloud Computing

2. Web Developments

1. Managed IT Solutions


Hosted Solution


IT partner with a shared vision.

Mobility The rapid uptake of mobile computing technologies can now offer access to business information anytime from virtually anywhere – gone are the days of being tied to a phone and a PC on your desk. Laptops, PDA’s, iPads, plus a whole host of mobile phone devices such as iPhone, Android devices & Blackberry offer the business user a wide choice of devices to communicate with.

Hosted Solution Serverworks Fiji offers a wide portfolio of integrated hosted services.

Moving your IT infrastructure to a hosted environment means you retain control of your systems whilst outsourcing the storage, maintenance and security burdens associated with in-house solutions. Hosted Solutions can offer better resource efficiency, business flexibility and continuity.

Security Businesses are also under pressure to demonstrate ‘due diligence’ in the process of securing and protecting data, not only in demonstrating competent working practices, but to preserve business integrity and install confidence in clients & potential clients alike.

Either it be security at the gateway, end point or mobile security we have got you and your customers covered at Serverworks.

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